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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 22, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> if you don't get fbn, demand it. >> (applause) >> that was not practiced. that was not anticipated. that would be me making the final appearance. >> hello everyone, happy thanksgiving. and i'm andrea tan tareatearos, happy turkey day. the five of us are honored to be celebrating you. many of you traveled a long way to stay with loved ones. i hit the streets to talk to people to see if they were looking forward to going home for the holidays. ♪ like home, nowhere quite
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like home ♪ >> family time is coming up, the holidays, are you looking forward to seeing your family. >> i do, i look forward to seeing them. >> are you lying? >> no, i'm not. >> are is there any family members you're the not looking forward to see? >> i think i'm smart enough not to answer that question. >> there's always one in every family. >> we have a very close knit family and enjoy each other, i can't say that. >> my brother and i argue over stuffing, a little of that. >> sometimes things happen that are a little tense. >> the crazy uncle, and the grandmother. >> the dunken uncle that brings up past memories. >> and i think every family has a few of the people going in the room. >> and any tips for dealing with the relatives. >> you get drunk yourself. >> reality is, everybody you have tells it's a-- >> love is crazy, every day on "the five" at fox. >> that's all you can do, right? >> all right.
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so, bob. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. so does anyone in the beckel family drive you a little bit crazy or are you the person that drives everyone crazy during the holidays? >> and mentioned the crazy uncle. >> that's you. >> they used to put me at the kids table when i was drinking. >> good idea. >> around the children. >> now i'm sober they still put me at the kids' table and i'm sort of the one. >> i had an uncle that was slashed the second he showed up to the second he left, the problem is he didn't leave for three weeks. >> the family gets together. eric. >> and people think that kids should sit at the thanksgivingn table, they don't want to hear what we're talking about and have different conversations. >> and so-- >> does anybody come over that you sit there and go, oh, uncle joe's coming up. >> hell no, they're watching. hell, no, we have a very tight
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close knit family. >> you said during the break-- >> that's true. >> dana, how about you. >> it's been so many years, i think over 15 that i've been home for christmas, or more thanksgiving or the holidays because of, i was living out of the country and then working in politics and then in media and i actually think that some people, they would rather just stay home for thanksgiving. and now that might not be the most politically correct thing to do. maybe they want me to stay home for thanksgiving. i remember tradition from my early childhood, i don't remember anybody that we didn't like having and i would imagine, bob, everybody was, especially the kids were waiting for uncle bob to get there because i bet they were excited, and liked the entertainment. probably a mix of excitement and fear, don't you think, greg. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, okay, mr. happy. >> and greg hates thanksgiving? >> i take issue with the line we all love the holidays. nobody loves the holiday. holidays are like for kids, get off school or get free stuff. nobody, nobody loves the
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holidays, there's too much stress and everybody is travelling at the same time. i was always away because i lived across country and the outsider that was invited to other family things, and if you-- and you have to say yes. or they get mad. so, they always know that i-- >> someone would adopt you for the day. >> yeah, so i would have to go there. i would be the drunk stranger that would hit on grandmother. >> what would you do when were you in england. >> they don't have holidays there. >> they get drunk every day. >> every day is a holiday, and they don't work-- insert, and that's where we're headed. >> and your wife, isn't her family in russia. >> that doesn't work, if you don't know somebody who is the drunk or the weirdo in your holiday get together, that means you are. >> right. that's what i'm worried about. >> and you know, you're amazing, because like when you prepare a turkey, you can
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climb inside. >> mriek walike wall paper. >> i like thanksgiving, and i like the food. i like my immediate family and extended gets crazy and i remember from holidays before we used to have extended family come in and there were a couple of crazy aunts that would come. one aunt rose showed up when i was in 7th grade and passed out sexual fortune cookies and inappropriate and made me open one. >> and is she still alive? >> you know what? i don't know if she is. we had another aunt that used to come and sing songs and whistle songs to my sister's cock ateal, henry. i like the of crazy ones and embrace it, love you over at my house. >> at my house, a fancy thanksgiving out in leesburg virginia and supposed to bring something, and i brought a
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substance and handed and nobody ate the meal. >> and i remember that, you told these stories. >> i don't remember my 30's. >> and can i tell you a story last year, and since our audience doubled since last year, half the people haven't heard the story yet. swear to god true story. family came over and took the turkey out and looking for the legs, the drum to cut in. trying to cut the breast, she cooked it upside down. opened it up cut the turkey and here is a tip, the breast stays in the juice and ended up being amazing. >> you told that story last year. >> i do, but we have a wide awed yevenlgs. >> the way to make it better. eat it upside down. look the at the right side and eat it upside down the same benefit. >> and then you'll choke. >> this is what having thanksgiving is like, right. uncle eric tells the same story. >> and how did you-- you tell the same stories, bob
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tells the same stories, isn't that. >> thanksgiving. dana has no stories. >> and greg is depressed and angry and-- >> a small microcosm of what everyone in america is doing. >> and wasn't thanksgiving created to force distant relatives to get together? because you didn't have thanksgiving, there are people in your family you would never see again. and there are people that live, like when i was a kid, and thanksgiving in other states and you'd see them once in a while and that would be the obligatory hi, how are you? goodbye. >> and it's also the time when you realize the year goes by so fast, and i have to see he them again. >> and felt like last month. >> and makes you feel old because the older you get the shorter a year it is, because we're getting the years behind. >> remind you that you're dying. >> and the older you get, the shorter you get. >> and that's true for all of us. >> and have the indians with the other, with the colonists, and next day indians killed the colonists and now you have
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to keep that in minds. >> you know who really created this holiday. >> who. >> the turkey producers and farmers, potato farmers and the brussel sprouts. >> what percentage of turkeys they sell at thanksgiving. >> it's a lot. the jianged turkey farm is in my home town. >> i used to get a turkey as a gift and because i lived alone in a tiny apartment i would have in my frej for a year, a turkey that would take up-- and i couldn't throw it away. just sit there, a giant turkey. >> it is-- >> and you hear them when you kill them. >> no we didn't right next door to the turkey farm, unfortunately, bob. what i'm amazed we went from turkey to actual murder in the first part of this second and i want to get to the second part, killing the indian your point. >> the indians killed-- >> and speaking of mood kellers, us, there was an article in woman's day that talks about holiday mood killers that can ruin the time when you get together with your family. and some of these are, when someone brings up the music
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you're playing and if someone breaks someone. my favorite is somebody drinks too much at a holiday gathering. has that happened to anybody. what do you do if you do? >> put them at the kids table. but, if it gets rowdy, what do you do put them to bed or look them in a room. >> they he put me in a bed and tried to lock me up. >> and somebody is always going to get drunk and it's part of the holiday. and the other thing, you get people, when you watch football and get the meal done, in time. and half of them don't care about the football game and they were there at thanksgiving. but we would like to get the football game, right. >> absolutely, well, now, you have a bunch of football games. >> and used to be detroit lions and the dallas cowboys, i think they added-- >> what i love is that bob is a life long subscribers that woman's day and he's the one who pitched this story and it's good of you to help us out. >> esz' actually on the board for women's day for perverse reasons and a big mood killer
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is when you stab somebody in the eye and accidentally hit my uncle into meet carver and cast a pall over the dinner. >> and ask dana. >> now never had human food yet. >> pan just this thanksgiving, is that what you're background to say, jasper knows it's thanksgiving. >> he can smell it coming. >> a guest tells a dirty or a racy joke? >> and i've had that happen. >> of course you have. >> and you're alone in the roonl, bob. >> no, my old man went after the guy, physically went after him and doesn't put up with na. >> i had pretty boring thanksgivings. >> i would never say that, but-- >> and what if someone got up super early and won't leave at the end. >> i think that's the worst. my grandfather always said if you're not early, you're late. so i'm a very punctual person not try to get that too earlier and have a rule always
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be one of the first to leave and your host will thank you. >> they do when you leave. >> the best people, the one mo does the dishes. >> i'll do the dishes, i can't k.c., but i'll do the dishes. >> i can't do the dishes. >> i'm not big on dishes either. >> and that's why, right. >> just paper plates. >> do you have restaurants. >> i waitressed at thanksgiving and eating turkey between big parties of 10 and 15. >> when we moved last week, we had the thanksgiving themed paper plates from last year and we have still been using them. >> you've the got a big italian family reunion. >> no, about the same size, but i think it's interesting that some people are cookers, some people are servers and some people are the cleaners. and there's others that just kind of-- >> and then there's you. >> and drinkers who do nothing and men that just sit there and do nothing and watch football. >> all right. much more to come on "the five" thanksgiving day special and up ahead, our pick for the
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top turkeys of the year. now, there were definitely plenty of turkeys to choose from. >> happy thanksgiving! ♪ ♪ and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment.
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♪ >> welcome back to the special thanksgiving edition of "the five." for the second year in a row our top turkeys of the year.
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bob didn't get creative, but you have a good reason. >> the second year in a row my turkey is the donald, donald trump all year long said stuff that was amazing and a friend of eric's. and i know eric said things that are amazele. do we have a clip? >> president obama is the least transparent president in the history of this company. if barack obama opens up and gives his college records as applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records, i will give to a charity of his choice inner city children in chicago, american cancer society, aids research, anything he wants, a check, immediately for $5 million dollars. >> i think that speaks spore itself. >> yeah, certainly was long enough.
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>> and andrea, there's another turkey we've talked about all year, your choice. >> yes, mayor michael bloomberg, listen to mayor michael bloomberg talk about one of the most interesting story of 2012 when he tried to ban soda. >> i've never believed that we should ban anything. our job is to explain to people what's in their interest and you do it with advertisements on the trains about the dangers of smoking, you do it with the signs from the windows in restaurants. and in the case of the sodas, all we're really doing is giving you a graphic understanding of -- that you're drinking a lot of calories. >> with taxpayer money. why can't he butt out of our lives and he says he doesn't like to ban things, he's banned smoking and tried to ban breast-feeding. >> and their dna. >> and he's a total turkey, a total turkey. >> now who what though? mayor bloomberg mass a little bit of an issue distinguishing
2:18 pm
the difference between informing and banning. go ahead and inform and on restaurant menus, calories and, but we're adults. >> i'm surprising he's not coming down on thanksgiving. >> he might, just might. >> a lot of calories. >> and wait a minute, that was brutal. >> what, bloomberg. >> eric, your turn. >> my turkey of the year is governor chris christie of new jersey, my governor, the guy earlier. and i wrote him a little thanksgiving day, little poem here. governor chris christie is this year's biggest turkey. we were pals, but things soon got murky, your bear hug with the president was a little too perky and that's why i make you, governor, turkeyy day jerky. >> if this whole tv things doesn't work out, i think you have a future in greeting cards. >> we were like this at the rnc and then what happened? >> and you shouldn't leave
2:19 pm
your friends-- >> that was the governor with my wife. >> and that story to come. >> greg, what's your turkey? >> my turkey. year is the media. i know i'm a broken record, but-- >> you said that last year. >> i don't think i did. i don't remember what i did last year, i i am like you, just about dropped the ball on every issue of the game, the biggest one they couldn't figure out which person to use, like sheep. they act the same, same assumptions, speak the same way and to an issue like benghazi, they're arrogant enough to think it's not a big deal and it's a reason why newsweek disappeared. >> and where did that go? the story was, you couldn't find it. >> and what about reverend wright? >> it is interesting how few opportunities they're taking to advance their careers. there's some great stories out there and they don't want to gobble them up. >> oh, very--
2:20 pm
>> bada bum! >> my turkey of the year, you hate to do this on thanksgiving, but sometimes it's just really important. i i think the aspca needs to be called bus greg gutfeld has been using his pet dog to serve him food on thanksgiving and made him dress up on the thanksgiving day outfits and dress up as a nate american, indian and serve his food and a costume change and makes caspar dress up as a pilgrim and i really think it's unappropriate and i'm sorry to bring this up on thanksgiving, greg, i think you need a visit from the humane society. >> i can't believe you would use jasper for cruelly. that's not caspar. >> caspar hasn't been seen in a while. >> caspar had an accident, only had three legs and that's why i know that's jasper. >> any other turkeys. >> you gave your turkey. >> i gave my turkey. >> i was thi back to the well and using my last year's turkey. >> who is that?
2:21 pm
>> obama. >> there's so many, lance armstrong, the captain of the concordia that crashed the boat too busy flirting with that woman. >> and that's true, secret service prostitution scandal, turkeys. >> and tweet us your turkeys of the year. >> honey boo boo depresses me. >> coming up, greg thinks we should all be thankful that president obama was reelected. he's going to tell us why when we come back. ♪ i've got plenty to be thankful for ♪ ♪ i haven't got great big yacht to sail from shore to shore ♪ ♪ still, i've got plenty to be thankful for ♪ yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail at rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those bes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles?
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♪ >> yeah, thanksgiving is the time to give thanks, i'm not sure why, frankly, but that's what the hall mark people tell me. five reasons to be thank vful the president was reelected. like tearing off a bandaid in one shot. you don't think he would come back and run again with more gray hair and more trustworthy like kofi annan. and he could go off and become emporer of europe. and 52% less, although the left won't see it that way,
2:26 pm
reelected obama makes us moreses and recognized he was born among us to forgive our sins. eva longoria can run for senate and get off twitter. if she promises health care, she could be president. >> four, watch president obama become more conservative. malia turns 18. he'll call myth and see if his grandsons are of age. and the same dog, best way to hide a canine diet, eat the same dog over and over again, what's she doing to jasper. >> don't you think i'm right, eric, that it's good that he got reelected you knew he was going to run again anyway. >> a couple of groups that could be happy he's reelected. illegals will be happy amnesty the second term no question
2:27 pm
about it. no one has talked about, i think this is going to happen in the second term. i think he's going to get up an infrastructure bank and set it up. billions and billions, taxpayers dollars to it and the unions are the ones who are going to benefit. dole out union contracts through the infrastructure bank and knows we need infrastructure help, but the american taxpayers. in other words, it's the stimulus the first time around the second time around. >> and it's only 7% unions in the construction business and guess what bob? >> best what, they're benefitted from the stimulus, benefit-- >> now what's great about this. this is like a thanksgiving dinner where i'm accidentally introduced politics into it. (laughter) >> that was on the list of faux pass and things not to do, and now the food is getting colder. >> i'm sorry. i think it's a blessing the president got reelected and you'll realize that. more importantly you'll saying that he divides the country. 99% against the 1% and the
2:28 pm
dividing the country 47%-- >> and how did they do that. >> and talked about all the time. 47% pay taxes. >> divide it if you take mitt romney's words and put them in a blender and it comes out like this stuff right here. and saying that he-- he wasn't talking about, he was talking about people who received benefits. >> that's who he was talking about, he wasn't dividing the country. >> all we had to listen to this year is obama lambaste the rich and openly hostile to businesses and how he got elected, class warfare. >> not class warfare. >> and what percent-- >> no idea. >> where did that come from, occupy wall street. where did you get the 99, 1%, that's occupy wall street. >> he only wants to raise taxes on 1%. >> no, he wants to do more. >> thanks for that introduction of this on thanksgiving day. >> dana. >> what i'm thankful for the election is over and that it was decisive and that he won and now the republican party is going to have to regroup.
2:29 pm
i think that was good for everybody, get it done, over with and move on. >> and work-- >> if you will. and so anyway, i think it's good. i think that people, thanksgiving will be good too time to reach that button. >> andrea, he had lost the media would be devastated and we'd have to deal with that. >> i would be thankful for that. i'm not thankful he got reelected. i'm sorry, i didn't say it's a good thing for the republican party. i don't, it's not a good thing for the country. i'm not thankful. i don't care if gives us four more years to regroup. i think the damage he's going to do in four years is did hebt tri detrimental. >> the thing is we don't have that problem. >> i'm going to hit the button on the wine bottle. >> the messenger, never had a message. >> can i agree with him. i agree with you, and i agree
2:30 pm
with both of you, and the republican party doesn't have the proper focus on a message, it's a splintered group leads to one thing-- >> that's okay. and, but i agree with andrea, the next four years are detrimental. >> i think the left has a message, it's dependency politics. our message, which is not the dependency politics, they don't like it, people like goodies. >> if you buy a house and get that, then you're the-- >> and it looks like the democrats might actually do that and embracing romney's yeaed. >> i have to say, i don't mind there's a division on the right. i think the good and i think what's more important is finding a leader that is inspirational, a ronald reagan, you know, randallonald reagan, you disagree-- >> the turnout tonight happen. people who don't like the candidate say i don't know.
2:31 pm
we had 3 million fewer votes around. >> and still leave something for the right to become president of the united states. the i think someone from the right will be the next president. >> and dependency politics, president obama tried to limit charitable dehe ducductions and prevent people from giving. this is a democratic idea. i'm interested to see what happens with the fiscal cliff. >> i think it's terrible they're taking the deduction away from the billion dollar a year hedge fund people and it's horrible. >> and on your list of things not to bring up, fiscal cliff? >> it was? on the woman's day list. >> and a cool guy. >> fiscal cliff, is going to be-- >> and greg, you want to get out of here. >> i do want to get out of here. what year was the first thanksgiving celebration. 1953? i know you thought it was earlier. bob gives us all a history lesson next.
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♪ homeward bound ♪ home, where my thoughts escaping, home where my music is playing ♪ ♪ where my love lies waiting silently for me ♪ ♪
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>> in washington the big story on this thanksgiving day
2:36 pm
is cease-fire on middle east. tonight on special report, this is the first day of the truce brokered by egypt and the u.s. of course, the question, how long will will it last. tensions remain high, we will have a live report from jerusalem. president obama is calling for a unity on this thanksgiving day and urging americans to put aside partisan differences and work together. and comes as the advanced cliff and tax deductions for charitable giving and take a look at that. and black friday shopping, starts in hours. some are having a jump on the traditi traditional season and one is wal-mart, embroiled in an issue. we'll have a live report on that. and special report starts at 6 eastern. for now we'll take you back to "the five." ♪ ♪ don't know much about
2:37 pm
history ♪ ♪ don't know much biology >> are you ready? >> oh, anyway, don't know much about history? apparently not. you're not alone. dave mccollough, one of the greatest historians thinks we're on the path to illiteracy. >> we're raising children that are by and large historically illiterate. a young woman came up to me and said that until she'd heard me speak she never understood that the original 13 colonies were on the east coast and i thought, what are we doing that's so wrong, so pathetic. it's not their fault. it's our fault. when i say our fault, i don't mean just the parents and grandparents, we have to take part. >> well, here is a fact, and just one here, less than 20% of american students are at
2:38 pm
pro if i havesy levels for things like history, math, english, et cetera. where is the fault? don't say the teachers union please, but go ahead. >> no, i think the fault are two fold, first and foremost, parents. parents, if you emphasize education and talk at the dinner table with your kids it will help and engage them. quick story i talked to my son about politics all the time. for a while his eyes were glazed over and get all the way to school not a word. as time has gone he's starting to talk about what a democrat is, what a republican, what are we, what are the kids at school. no, no, you have to engage. i'm not saying he's a republican, he says he is, he may end up a democrat, who knows at least he'll be proficient in politics. >> that's the true in the past year since "the five." your stories about eric, have informed a lot of our discussions here and you you can see that his interest level is gaining. >> and the other thing his parents, and the textbooks, if you have an hour go into your
2:39 pm
kid's schools and read the textbooks, and the history tech books, you'll be pri surprised. >> and there's a story that napoleon feared history and what would happen when he was gone. it wouldn't paint him in a good light. and remember, we did a story here object on "the five," california wanted to start talking about the sexuality of-- >> who is gay, who is lesbian. >> who is gay and who is lesbian in history. nothing wrong with that, if you parents want their kids to get that education they should pay for it on their own, with schools basing bankruptcy and counties and districts, they should be taught the basics and they're not. >> it's the fault of the parents and grandparents and a huge percent of children in this country are raised by single parents and people don't have that much money and don't have the time or not interested to do it. i mean, it's got to be spread
2:40 pm
around to a the lot of different places, i think, not just the fault of the parents, dana. >> greg? >> greg. >> well, you know, tenure, tenure, there's no competition, in the world of academics, so, nobody has to, has to actually teach anything, except, you know, gender studies. and i mean, think of the courses that are offered. that teach you nothing. and gender studies, i believe, is one of them and is it, you need to learn something you hues in life. >> i always thought that fender studies was an important contribution. >> yours is a different definition. and i also think our culture, our culture is to blame, in a sense that, we have a lot of of young kids who believe that it's particularly cool to be that-- >> and will the me ask you a question. >> and remember that thing, and jon voight and nicholas cage, ne were in the movies, and they were about-- >> no, like the book of secrets and things the
2:41 pm
president's book of secrets. >> and anyway, and those movies were very popular, because kids actually liked, you can make history fun and i just remember a lot of-- my history teachers being great and the best, the most creative and interesting, i learned so much from them. >> but you were, like you were one of those students in last though, you were lisa simpson, you loved school. i did. >> let me ask you a question, i love to read history books because i didn't learn anything playing football at all. i read a lot of history some of the best i've had is michael baron on politics and i come from politics, and you can't learn more, but i learned a lot more. what's the last history book? >> yes. >> i read my son's history all of his textbooks every year, you go back to school night and page through, have i read a history book through and through, i have not. >> i read a dana mccollough book about the brooklyn bridge and i read that, very long and very good and you learn a lot
2:42 pm
about the history of new york and what was going on politically. i would never have learned about the-- >> and the last history book, you know, unconcern, the magical forest, and i wrote the forward. >> have you read a history book. >> no, i read a lot of political nonfiction, i do writing-- >> and you read. >> i forgot na-- >> bernard lewis and he's written a number of books, but his best one is the islamic crisis and that's on the history of islamic, encourage people. >> and fictional history books, and who does a good one believe it or not, newt gingrich on the civil war. and it's thanksgiving, you know what that means, movies and football. and you get out there because the line is going to change next on "the five." ♪ twins. i didn't see them coming.
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exclusively at verizon.
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♪ >> okay. thanks, a happy thanksgiving to everybody, great weekend to do a lot of things and watch a the lot of football and get to that in one second and also a time to watch movies and the studio, feature films on thanksgiving just before thanksgiving. a couple of big ones, i'm going to read a couple. just so happens, five movies, five of us, apply to fiver to each one of the movies. twilight saga breaking dawn part 2, andrea. >> it's got to be? >> a popular teen vampire and youngest of us and this is
2:47 pm
your demographic. >> and did you see the face i made twilight? i think they're all very strange. and i know the twilighters are going to tweet me a lot of different things, i cannot get into these movies and i think it has to do with their personal lives outside this have, i think that kristin stewart is very weird-- >> i had to did that and one that's for you, let's talk about lincoln, this is steven spielberg's historic-- this is for bob because personally, and a drama starring vandal day lewis and limited release blgs opens wide on november 16th. and well, yeah, you i thought so. and not only covered it in the campaign, and-- >> a conversation. >> and the last thing i want to do is go to the movie house with a bunch of teenagers on thanksgiving weekend. forget about it. >> lincoln, you want to talk about history. i like that movie. >> and how about this one, life of pi, and dana, because
2:48 pm
it's-- >> life of cherry pie, pumpkin pie. i read this years ago. >> and zebra, you like animals. >> now i know. i read this years ago and took imagination and a while to get through it and a lot of thought. sometimes the movie isn't as good as the bk. but from the trailers, i think they may have captured it. >> sky fall came out earlier and no, rise of the guardians, let's did that, "dreamworks," it's animated film and mr. gutfeld? got to give you that one animation. >> i don't have no idea what the movie is. i don't go to movies and with bob. i don't understand the culture of having to share an experience with strangers in a large room, strangers that are generally louder and more obnoxious than you are who often talk to the screen and you also have to pay 20 to 40 bucks just to get some popcorn and something to drink when you can sit at home and not be bothered by these idiots.
2:49 pm
>> middle of the winter they wear shorts and the girls look like they just left the store. >> and what literally bugs me, time square. you'll get bed bugs, in theaters. >> ooh. >> wait a minute, you can sneak in the candy if you bring a satchel. >> yes, you're allowed-- >> in his man bag. >> and i do not have murse. >> i have mrsa. >> last one sky fall, james bond, i'll take that one (laughter) >> let's move on and let's talk about football. >> you're a big fan of daniel craig. >> and you told me in the break you think he's gorgeous. >> amazing (laughter) . >> and let's talk football. we have tcu and the longhorns, texas longhorns. bob, can we do predictions, is that what we want to do, predictions. >> go ahead. >> why not? we were so good during the election.
2:50 pm
>> i was. i'll take pick the longhorns and want to do the pro game or the not. >> the pro game. >> the jets, the jets, go around-- >> yeah, let's go around the football. >> what about the jets and patriots? >> aim going to go with the patriots and not because of tom brady, and just so happens that i love watching him play the game as well so even if he wins or loses it's fun to watch him. >> he's going to win big, i think he's going to win big, too, if he doesn't he's still a winner. >> and let me ask dana, is it time to bring tim tebow in the jets lineup. >> oh. >> and the quarterback-- >> did you check my blog, i have so much content on this and really i don't have enough time to talk about it. when i first looked at this, i thought, i think about horn frogs versus the texas longhorns, no contest, the longhorns can step on the frogs and then the jets can beat the patriots because they're mechanical and they're up mechanical and i bet you i
2:51 pm
am right. >> sign her up. >> dana mates america. she says the jets will beat the patriot. what kind are you? >> i have no idea, i haven't been following football at all. >> what do you follow. >> amazon rankings. >> yes, i follow my amazon rankings. >> i actually woke up at 4 a.m. and check them. >> can i say to you, you have an interesting point that thissier, thanksgiving wasn't the last thursday in november. >> right, because there's five thursdays and bob, i saved you from a travel nightmare and almost booked for the wrong thanksgiving weekend. >> how do you i don't that, dana. >> because my sister and brother-in-law are in town and they were booking, when they were booking their flight they almost made the same mistake and i-- why do i even bother. >> do you think they should put tebow in. >> i do. >> no way they are he' going to put tebow against brady. >> be thankful for tim tebow. >> i'm thankful for him, tom
2:52 pm
brady and sanchez. >> we've got to go. and saying what we're thankful for, one more thing, coming back. ♪ oh, after you. no, after you. oh, after you. no, after you. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be thsame. with our 1-hour in stock arantee, get here between 10 and 11, and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart.
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try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >> all right. time now for one more thing. the thanksgiving edition, greg? >> well, what we're thankful for.
2:56 pm
well, i'm thankful for the five. if if wasn't for the five, and i thank the women in my life, my mother who had me and wife mo put one with me through the horrible month of putting out a book. >> and dana? >> excuse me? (laughter) >> thank you, tan dayne y--- dana, thank you for being a friend. >> i thought i was the woman in your life. (laughter) >> all right. dana. thanksgiving marks the one year anniversary of my husband and i moving to new york city and i've never lived here before and i want to say thanks, it's been a really good experience and i love new york, too, it's been good and i'm thankful for "the five" as well of course, and jasper. >> are you thankful for greg? >> i'm thinking about it. (laughter) >> eric? >> okay, i'm clearly thankful for you guys, loving to work
2:57 pm
with you the last year, and thankful for the viewers tuning in and my smoking wife and thankful for this guy, my son, i'm so proud, i apologize, those are his grades, check them out. >> is that a shirtless photo? >> and it's a-- >> 96 in algebra and the kid az. >> i can't look at the grades for the shirtless photo. >> 94's and 96's. >> does he know you put shirtless photos of him on national tv. >> it's from the summer, and he was playing soccer. >> do you have one of those bumper stickers, my kid made the honor roll. >> and next year in high school. >> and i have to special thanks, i'm the only commuter here on the show and i lived in maryland and up here during the the week and i want to say i'm thankful to my friends and co-hosts and include me this
2:58 pm
things ear' doing most of the time and i appreciate that and don't know many people up here and to the staff and producers, excuse me. and who are also include me in things and i appreciate them. >> very nice. >> you didn't thank, are you thankful for small bites on the trains. >> yeah, order them up. >> we're thankful for you, too, bob. >> and we always need a punching bag here. >> and the mood swings the last three years. >> three years, last three weeks. >> i noticed, it wasn't a mood swing, i noticed how calm you were, that's when i knew obama was winning. and-- >> yeah, yeah, that's when i knew. >> calm before the storm. >> yep. >> all right. i'm thankful for the five, of course, and for the viewers and i'm going to do the predictable thing and my family, i'm thankful for all of them and my brother's wedding and though my father passed away you can see him there to my right, i'm on the left and thankful to be his daughter and that's my
2:59 pm
brother, his wife and my two nephews and my niece, thankful for them as well and there they are again, the kids and i can't wait to leave the show and see them. that's my mom and younger brother dan and i'm very thankful for daniel and daniel and his teacher greg, and greg has taken such good care of daniel over the years and greg, we're so, so thankful for you. >> that's lovely. >> and there are the kids again. >> all right, the kids, i know. and they're wonderful. and i'm thankful for those two, that's my sister on the right and my brother on the left. >> wow. >> mother of-- >> very attractive. they are wonderful, wonderful siblings and thankful to have all of them in my life, the greatest family. >> what about your boyfriend. >> i'm thankful for him, too, very thankful. >> do you have any pictures (laughter) not for the show. and no shirtless pictures. >> it is, speaking at


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